Bass Master

We’ve have had Mike Mallory, bassist extraordinaire, doing tracks for our upcoming, yet-to-be-named album. He’s done several bass parts from his lair down in So-Cal, and they are phenomenal. I can’t even…

Mike Mallory

Mike Mallory

I mean, Geddy Lee, eat your heart out. He did some truly outside-the-bass-box things on several of the songs that absolutely changed the way I thought about the song, and just now sent in a bass line for a song that we haven’t even put a melody to yet. The bass line is actually giving me some nifty ideas about just where that melody might go.

Just as a sort of tease, here are the titles of the songs that now have Mike Mallory bass lines:

Borrowed Days (some of you have heard this one, possibly with Rika Koerte singing harmony if you went to Consonance or attended Seanan McGuire’s last book event in San Francisco. (Rika was drafted as the international member of Seanan’s Flying Circus and Snake Handling Show).

Stones, which is the bass line that changed the song for me.

As the Crow Flies, which we did at Consonance with Kristoph Klover trading melodies and harmonies with me. Also with daumbek by Rika.

Dead Language, which is the new one that Mike just put an amazing bass part on.

There is also a song entitled Meditation on Whispers which features a bass part by Tony Levin … Yes, THAT Tony Levin. The Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Dire Straits Tony Levin. The Bass Man in the Harry Dresden coat.

Ookla the Mok West

Ookla the Mok West

Oh, embarrassment of riches! Two of the finest bassists I have ever had the pleasure of hearing are playing on our songs.

And though I am so sorry, Rand and Adam, that Mike is no longer living in Buffalo, NY and playing in Ookla the Mok, I am also thrilled that he’s living in Palmdale and playing with us.

I believe the correct sign off is BWA-HA-HA-HA! Had I a mustachio to twirl, I’d twirl it.