April Showers Bring Recording Projects


So March is wrapping up and April is staring us in the face, and it looks busy.

Jeff has been working with Seanan McGuire on her new album (to be named), as well as with Scott Snyder and Mark Osier. We are also putting together songs for our next album.

The big deal in April is the beginning of a new project with (redacted). Yes, we are working on an album with (mystery talent). No, I can’t tell you more than that, else I would have to exile you to Transylvania where I suspect I still have relatives who vant to drink your blood.

We are already slated for Baycon in May, so I’m looking forward to that, as well, and there have been noises coming from other states in the Union about new projects. Jeff or I will post about them as info becomes leakable.

A tidbit from Seanan’s album—it will include a wonderful song that goes with her next novel release Sparrow Hill Road, and has the same title. Plus, there will be a new “mad scientist” song, replete with voiceovers by the Minionettes (Maya Bohnhoff and Mary Crowell). The mad scientists will be played by Seanan and guest evil genius, Paul Kwinn.