Mystery Talent Revealed!


Katy & SMac

Katy & SMac

JEFF: I’m very tired but happy. Yesterday I wrapped an intensive two week recording session with Katy Dröge-Macdonald and Steve Macdonald. Katy and Steve are now performing as Twotonic. We’ve completed all their vocal and guitar parts for “Rowan and Storm”, their album of cover songs. Since they came from Germany to record, we were under a bit of time pressure to get everything done, which concerned me a little, but as it turned out, we finished with a day and a half to spare.

Working with Steve and Katy was a real pleasure. They both have warm, distinctive voices, that blend together amazingly well. I had done quite a lot of pre-production on most of the songs, so they had a foundation to perform to, and once we got into the swing of it, it went very smoothly. It was a little bit of an adjustment for them to get used to playing with a “band”, but by the end of our first session, they really had it down. I will be adding tracks from a few other people before I mix it. Quite honestly, it already sounds fairly polished. I think anyone who has ever been a fan of Steve or Katy (or is a fan of good folk/rock music) will want to get a copy when it’s available.

MAYA: And I’m missing them already and looking forward to putting a few harmony tracks here and there. My fave cut on the album: Saint Peter’s Bones and Cousin Jack.


News Update—What We’ve Been Up To


Margaret & Kristoph

This year’s Consonance (THE Bay Area Filk Convention) was better than ever. We had international guest Rika Körte as a houseguest for several days the week before the con, which was delightful. It also gave us time work up some music together such that Jeff and I both performed in her set and she performed in ours.

We also performed with Kristoph and Margaret on what is probably my favorite song in their expansive repertoire. I refer, of course, to Jack Daw—which is a song about the Fisher King legend.

On a very personal note, this is the first actual convention I’ve done since having body parts replaced with nice bionic ones (I, Borg) and it was fantastic. I danced myself silly. I jumped up and down. I walked. Take that, gravity!


Seanan McGuire

The week after Consonance, we once again formed the core of Seanan McGuire’s Traveling Circus and Snake Handling Show for her Half Off Ragnarok release party. (This is Book Three in her Incryptid series.) This time the performers were us, Paul Kwinn and Beckett Gladney, and Rika Körte back from a short trip up to Seattle. We wove together two sets of music between raffle drawings and Seanan’s madcap Q&A sessions. Much fun was had by all—except for the trying to find a place to park in San Francisco part. We have another book event coming up in May at Borderlands for the release of Sparrow Hill Road.

This weekend, Seanan will be in the studio working on her next (soon to be named) CD.  News at 11.

Come see us at Consonance 2014

We will be performing at the Bay Area’s Filk music convention Consonance on Friday, March 7 from 8-9 PM. Where is it? I’m glad you asked! Consonance will run from Friday – Sunday at the Crown Plaza Hotel, 777 Bellew Drive,  Milpitas CA 95035. Full details can be found at the Consonance web site. We’ll be playing a mixture of parodies and original songs, including some brand new songs, with special guests.

Torturing Freddie’s Ghost

It was inevitable that we should pair a Queen song up with Dr. Seuss, I suppose. We’d already tortured Freddie’s ghost by linking him with Star Wars, Dairy Queen, and the Chicago Cubs. Why not Green Eggs and Ham?

How does something like this happen, you ask?

It was at the end of a long drive to Palmdale to visit the Tyra clan. We were listening to Jeff’s playlist when a Queen song came on that we hadn’t parodied yet. It was Death on Two Legs.

“I love that song,” I thought. “What can we do to it?”

The answer arrived as a snatch of doggerel by which “Death on Two Legs” became, in my tilted brain, “Ham and Green Eggs.”

I confessed my transgression to Jeff (Yes, I know Baha’is aren’t supposed to confess their sins.) and he  absolved me. I uttered a very tiny, minor sin a bit later as he started to work on the song.

“I think,” I said, “that suicide scans to sunny side.” 

Indeed it does.

My apologies to Freddie.

(And a shout-out to Harold Ramis. Thanks for the laughter. We’ll miss you.)