Retro Rocket Science

Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff: Retro Rocket Science

Side-splitting parodies. Weird Al meets The Eagles, Sting, The Who and others.  Recommended if you like Weird Al Yankovic, Allan Sherman, and Dr. Demento.

This album has been accused of ruining classic rock radio for many people. The production perfectly captures the sound of the original, but then Maya starts singing and too late you realize you’re not in Kansas anymore. The incongruity of Maya’s soulful singing and Jeff’s twisted parody lyrics may leave listeners disoriented, but most seem to like it. Reviewer Tom Tuerff wrote of Jeff’s guitar playing that “he has more chops than Sam the Butcher”. A compliment clothed in a Brady Bunch reference pretty much sums up the spirit of Retro Rocket Science. If you like your rock and roll with a twist, then this is the album for you.

Scary, huh? You have no idea…


All *right*!

Every Breath is the song that sold me this album (hooray! great voice, the tune that I like, and lyrics that don’t make me twitch!), and though I’m not finished listening to it on iTunes yet? It’s got some very nice stuff and the individual songs are well-rated. Can’t wait till I have some free time to listen and appreciate the rest of it! — Elizabeth McCoy

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