Möbius Street

Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff: Möbius Street

Cinematic textural rock. The music on Möbius Street is modern, but feels classic. Acoustic and electric guitars swirl with subtle, smoky electronic textures and rhythms that give a deep foundation for Maya’s powerful vocals.

The songs explore the nature of spirituality, meaning and loss in a world where everything seems to be transient. The lyrics are thoughtful, but give lots of room for interpretation.

Jeff and Maya have been making music together since 1979, and the music shows it. They’re joined by several world-class guest musicians; including bassist/stick player Tony Levin and drummer Jerry Marotta.

$16:00 from CDBaby.


Amazing album – Jeff and Maya are the best

I can’t say this is the best independently produced album of 2008 because that praise would be too faint. It is THE best album of 2008, and if the big mainstream music awards were based on quality not sales, then Mobius Street would sweep the awards. Don’t worry about whether or not it falls into a music category you already like; just listen and be amazed. — JaneG

Another fine CD by the Bohnhoffs

I bought this CD immediately on its release and I wasn’t disappointed. Beautiful melodic lines, thought-provoking lyrics, and excellent instrumental work characterize this recording. … I think there’s something for everyone on this CD. Maya’s voice is smooth as always, and lends an unusual twist to the melodies, Plus her harmonies are velvet and warm. I always enjoy good instrumental work (I don’t always need vocals), and this CD delivers plenty of that too. I haven’t been fortunate to hear many of these tracks live, but I’m so looking forward to it! For now, the CD is more than satisfying. — Jennifer

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