Aliens Ate My Homework

Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff: Aliens Ate My Homework!

This one parodies some of the genre’s most sacred cows. Subjects range from Lord of the Rings to Cubs baseball to Harry Potter to airline travel. It’s strongly recommended that if you listen to this at your computer that you avoid having any beverages nearby — it’s really hard to clean the sprayed liquid out of the keyboard. As with their first parody album “Retro Rocket Science”, the sound of the original songs is recreated with uncanny accuracy – but don’t be lulled into a false sense of complacency — when Maya starts singing, things get zany and twisted beyond recognition.This album is the perfect cure for the baby-boomer blues — at once familiar and completely unpredictable.

The song “We Are the Cubs Fans” was featured on the nationally syndicated Dr. Demento radio show on May 2, 2004.


Love it, love it, LOOOVE IT!!!

Every single song on this is sheer demented gold. Buy the damned thing already! — Matt Leger

Fun Stuff

Classic songs most everyone knows, but twisted. Fun! —Seredith


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