Other Artists

Our studio produces albums for a variety of other artists and friends. Here are some of the projects Jeff has done.

ACOLYTES OF THE MACHINE officially released on October 26, 2012 at the Ohio Valley Filk Festival (OVFF). The CD can be purchased at CDBaby and Amazon.com; digital download is available at Bandcamp.comiTunes and at Amazon.com.

The tracks on this album are freaking amazing. I’m not kidding. From the understated Just Deserts to the Franklinesque Magic Missile, you will simply not believe your ears … but they will be delighted!

Here’s a link to Mary’s website.

  Officially released at BayCon 2005, HARMONY HEIFERS is available from CD Baby and from filk dealers near you and in cyberspace. A master CD of the project netted $60 for Interfilk at Consonance 2005.We know you’ll enjoy this extremely eclectic mix — from the show-stoppers Broken Goddess, Leather Pants of Evil and Bride of Chaotica, to the R&B Elvis’ House of Love, to a couple of neat a capella pieces.The Heifers have also covered Only the Music by Heather Alexander, songs penned by Debbie Baudouin, Larry Warner, Nancy Freeman, and by the Heifers themselves.

A complete song list and lyric sheets are available if you click here.

Click the link above or one of the images to go to the Harmony Heifers lyrics.

  RED ROSES AND DEAD THINGS is a project Jeff produced for Seanan McGuire, novelist extraordinaire, and for which Maya provided some of the backing vocals.Jeff also plays most of the instruments and created the arrangements for the songs.

Go to Seanan’s site.

  Jeff arranged and produced several of the songs on STARS FALL HOME and Maya provided backing vocals for such songs as “Earthquake Weather” (her personal favorite).Go to Seanans’s site.

Nancy Freeman

STARDUST COUNTY is an epic Western Fantasy Extravaganza that features Nan herself, and guest performers Lon Austin, Larry Warner, Maya Bohnhoff, Michelle Dockrey, Tony Fabris, Tom Tuerff, Forest and Jennifer Ashley. And of course, Jeff not only produces the CD, but contributes guitar, bass, and other instrumentation to the project.

For more about this project, see Nancy’s Stardust County page.

Jeff also produced Nancy’s previous release, BLUES FOR DUMUZI, both are for sale on CDBaby.

   And here is BLUES FOR DUMUZI which was Jeff’s first full production for another artist.

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