Creature Feature is in the can

This past weekend I finished mixing Seanan McGuire’s next album Creature Feature.This project has been gestating for a long time, due to various circumstances that neither Seanan nor I could control, but the result is totally worth it.

As is our usual working method, Seanan provided lyrics and a melody, and gave me lots of freedom to arrange the songs. After our first session where Seanan recorded scratch vocals for me to work from, we went out for dinner. She happened to be playing the soundtrack from “School of Rock” in the car, so I semi-consciously allowed that to guide my arrangements, making the album very much classic rock inspired. Besides Seanan (who sings as well as I’ve ever heard her), it also features Mary Crowell, Amy McNally, Maya Bohnhoff and a special vocal appearance by Paul Kwinn. They all kicked serious musical booty. Mary’s piano playing is beautifully spot-on throughout, and she and Maya created some gorgeous backing vocals. Amy also adds some typically playful fiddle to a couple of songs. There’s some instrumental work that I’m very happy pleased with. On one song in particular, I channeled my love of Deep Purple, and created some dueling guitar/organ parts that I’m quite proud of. The song closes with one of the best guitar solos I think I’ve ever recorded.

I have spent the last couple of weeks obsessively mixing, remixing and then remixing again (because if a mix is worth doing, then dammit, it’s worth doing several times) :-). Seanan gave her approval to the mixes yesterday, and I have an appointment with a mastering engineer in a couple of weeks. Seanan will be announcing a release date in due time, so stay tuned…


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